Keynote - Keynote Address: Forstbauer Family

Forstbauer Family Natural Food Farm – Growing Healthy Food in Healthy Soil

Forstbauer Family Natural Food Farm is a well-known, well-respected, family owned, family operated certified organic farm in Chilliwack British Colombia.  It is farmed using Biodynamic Principals and Certified through the Biodynamic Society of British Colombia (Demeter). 

Mary and Hans Forstbauer were pioneers in the organic farming movement as well as the BC Farmers Market movement.  They bought their first farm in the early 1970’s and raised their twelve children farming alongside them.

They taught their children to farm with the purpose of providing food that is not only of great quality and flavour, but also of great nutritional value.  They were also taught to farm with the understanding that the life and health of the soil is vitally important to insuring that the food they produce has everything it needs to fuel our bodies.

Today, Hans and two of his sons continue to run the farm, while many others are still involved and few have organic farms of their own.  The farm is still thriving under the same passion and vision, mainly to grow healthy food, to be good stewards of the land and to share that passion with children and adults alike. 

If you visit the farm in Chilliwack or at one of the many markets they do, you will find Mary and Hans’ grandchildren, the next generation, continuing on in the rich family tradition.