NSTEP (Nutrition Students Teachers Exercising with Parents) - An Introduction

In 2002 the World Health Organization stated, “this will be the first generation of children who will die before their parents due to preventable nutritional diseases.” This was the statement that sparked the development of NSTEP, specifically so children do not suffer from chronic diseases associated with being overweight or obese. We support students, teachers, AND parents in developing healthy habits for life.  This requires that they have the knowledge, skills and attitudes to understand that what they eat and how physically active they are affects their physical and mental health as well as their level of happiness. NSTEP is providing fun and interactive nutrition and activity education to students, teachers, and families across Canada, making a positive change in the health of our communities.

Schools are very diverse, busy environments. But research shows that schools are the most effective initiative to create public health policy change. NSTEP purposely starts at Kindergarten to grade 6/7 so children have healthy habits for life. We build on this foundation with our junior senior high program Teen Brain. Our Chef on NSTEP community programs (food literacy) compliments our school program.

Come learn about NSTEP and the evidence of positive behavioural change in children in this session.  If you are interested in starting the NSTEP certification program, you should also register for "NSTEP EAT WALK LIVE" Level 1 Certificate in the afternoon.

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Depending on the preference of the individual, a notebook,or however they best learn. 


26 Friday 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM
Room C174

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  • Deb Hymers

    Deb Hymers, B.H.E. (Foods and Nutrition), Dip Ed., MBA

    • 27 years as an educator in BC, Calgary, in both rural and urban school districts
    • 18 years NSTEP Founder and Director. This includes program development (School, Community and Employee Wellness), curriculum integration in various Provincial curriculum Alberta, BC, Ontario, fund development, financial oversight, growth of NSTEP into three different provinces, mentorship, training, knowledge transfer  to new NSTEP Health Champions.
    • NSTEP is a “Made in Calgary” registered charity
    • 2010 CBC Top 50 Champions of Change
    • Founded NSTEP in 2002 as a hands on nutrition and activity program.
    • Created NSTEP EAT WALK LIVE (Elementary program) Professional Development  program in Fall 2009, piloted at St. Martha school in Jan. 2010
    • Created NSTEP Teen Brain program for Junior High Schools in 2012,
    • Created Chef on NSTEP (Food literacy initiative) Fall 2015
    • KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER Created NSTEP EAT WALK LIVE certificate program piloted 2016-2017 Tsuut’ina Education in collaboration with Tssut’ina Health. This certificate was offered Fall 2017 to MRU Faculty of Education undergraduates, 2019 U of C Nursing (Jan), Stoney Nakoda Health Promoters (Feb.), Calgary Bridge Foundation (March),  MRU Faculty of Education (March)
    • Where ever these young professional teachers, nurses, health promoters start their teaching career they will have a deep understanding of WHY healthy eating, activity etc. will help their students/clients be better learners.
    • Relationship building and collaboration with numerous organization including post- secondary institutions, 14 different school districts, researchers, and after school programs.
    • Since Jan. 2010 to June 2018 NSTEP has educated and impacted over 40,000 children in three provinces.


  • Kathy Yamasaki

    Kathy Yamasaki is a recent retired teacher with 40 years elementary experience. She is the NSTEP Coordinator for Richmond and Delta and brought NSTEP to her grade 5 and 6 students which led to the whole school wanting NSTEP. Kathy implemented NSTEP EAT WALK LIVE to Howard Debeck in Richmond and is a trained NSTEP Coordinator who can also deliver NSTEP EAT WALK LIVE Certificate now.