Poultry in Motion Educational Mini Barn

Visit a BC Chicken Farm in the form of the Poultry in Motion trailer with live chicks and chickens.  Learn about BC chicken from "Farm to Table" and how this presentation can enhance your classroom lessons on BC poultry.  The lesson includes:

- awareness of how BC Chicken is grown and raised

- analyzing the effects of choosing BC Chicken products

- BC Chicken farming and the farmers's story 

- seeing the different stages in chicken's development

This workshop will involve viewing the Poultry in Motion trailer and a presentation with time for discussion, questions, and applications for BC high school classrooms.  There will be handouts available for the attendees.

Target Audience

Secondary School

To Bring/Important Notes

Workshop materials:  paper and pen, dress for being outside


28 Friday 9:15 AM - 10:15 AM
Room C174

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  • Sheryl Martens

    My name is Sheryl Martens, Poultry in Motion Coordinator for the Fraser Valley and Lower Mainland. BC Chicken Farmer, passionate about farming

    Our presenter for the Work shop is Kalie Fooks.  Kalie is a young lady that has passion for chicken farming.  Kalie presents the Poultry in Motion Educational Mini Trailer to Elementary, Middle and Secondary Schools from Hope to North Vancouver.  Kalie does aproximately 20 minute presentations for Elementary School students.   For the Secondary Schools, Kalie does a presentation and discussion for about 30 minutes, but the session may be longer depending on the time spent observing the chicken barn and the number of questions asked.