Trauma-informed Practice in Education

The human brain is a remarkable and complex organ. It mediates all of our thoughts, feelings and behaviors. It is the organ that allows us to form and maintain relationships, read, write, dance and sing. There is not a single aspect of human life that doesn’t involve the brain. And, the brain is the target of our educational efforts. Whether the focus of the lesson is to learn to shape clay, skip rope, grasp long division, compose a paragraph, share, work in a team, or master the history of Canadian History, the teacher is trying to provide the patterned, repetitive experiences that will change the specific neural networks in the child’s brain that mediate those functions.

The purpose and importance of Trauma Informed Practice in Education, is to help educators, caregivers, and students, better understand that brain function (and it’s all about brain function) can be a fragile thing. All too often we as educators do not see, nor understand that the behaviors or habits that we see in our classes are most often the product of something that may (or may not) have anything to do with “right here, right now”.  Understanding and acting on this information will lead to more effective and pleasurable learning experiences for all.


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  • Steve Anderson

    Steve Anderson

    Director, Consultant

    Steve sees life as an invitation and wants you to also.  He has 25 years teaching experience and rocks the world of the high school students in his psychology program daily. He has a post-graduate degree in Curriculum Development and Administration.  Steve created and implements a peer support/human services program in the educational district because he believes building healthy relationships at the individual and community levels promotes life-long learning and successful futures.  Building resilience into children and young adults is the best insurance against lifestyles of addiction, cycles of abuse, crime, or suicide and its resulting traumas.   Steve, a professional drummer/percussionist of over 40 years, supports the role that drum rhythms can play in the process of release, restoration, and healing for ourselves and others. Drum circles and active participation through volunteerism, goal-setting and a working collaboration with clients, helps them to better themselves and the community at large.  Steve believes in forming connections with youth and families, supporting them on their journeys to health and wholeness. He is committed to education and action by facilitating a client’s development of personal standards, gifting and talents.  He excels at leadership training and mentoring in goal setting, skill acquisition and vocational/career path planning.

    *Steve is a Teacher focused in Psychology, trauma-related subjects such as Adverse Childhood Experience’s (ACE’s), Leadership, Career Planning, Drum Circle/Rhythms, Life Mapping, Work Experience, and Business Set-up. Steve is a Trauma Intervention Responder, Critical Incident Responder and Scene Manager, Psychological First-Aid Assessor, Curriculum Developer, and young adult Mentor with extensive experience in counseling for relationship, family, abuse, suicidal situations.

    *Steve is a certified CISM Peer Counsellor (Critical Incident Stress Management), and certified in Assisting Individuals in Crisis as well as Assisting Groups in Crisis.