Courage-Building Circles

Courage-Building Circles


There is a way to be around bees in order to draw near to them and to the hive. For bees to remain calm the beekeeper handles them with the utmost care, gentleness, and heart. In Circle, we are also invited to practice the same so that those who share in the process with us feel safe, open and comfortable with others 'handling' their stories.


It can take a considerable amount of courage to communicate with others in a heartfelt way, it can take an equal amount to be around bees. Finding that the word courage comes from the Old French corage, from cuer(heart), from Latin cor (heart) - it makes sense that to have courage means to simply have heart. It is this courage & heart that is needed to be empowered in times of ecological crisis & uncertainty.


Learn how bringing people & bees together through Circle offers extraordinary courage-building opportunities, a tangible paradigm to nurture healthy communities, and provides an exceptional heart-led narrative to navigate healing and transformation.


You will discover the ancient, sacred & social practice of Circle through the world of bees & beekeeping. This will involve juicy questions, heart-led story-telling, mindful rituals, and meaning-making. It will ask of you to come as you are and to be open-hearted to a transformative personal & community experience! This interactive workshop will also draw from Environmental Education concepts including 'discovering ecological identity' - how we identify ourselves in relationship to the natural world and our role within it. Workshop participants will take home the nectar of what is meant by Circle - its skills, values, and processes - and be buzzing to share the experience of Circle again.


NOTE: Laura’s how-to Circle handbook: Circlebee: A book about Circle & bees (2013) will be available at the workshop for $15.00. 

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No required materials needed for participants to bring.

Circle How-to Handbook, Circlebee: A book about bees & Circle (2013) will be available for purchase at the workshop if desired ($15.00).


7 Friday 9:15 AM - 11:15 AM

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  • Laura Cameron-Delisle

    Laura Cameron - Delisle is an Environmental Educator & consultant, beekeeper, Circlekeeper, community-builder, and writer living in Chilliwack, B.C. She has a Masters in Environmental Education, and a passion for honeybee education. A Certified Instructor through the BC Honey Producers Association, Laura offers (Certified) Introductory Beekeeping Courses as well as connects beekeepers with other beekeepers & beneficial educational opportunities as the Chilliwack Beekeepers Community Coordinator (2013- present). Laura is the writer of two honeybee-inspired resources: Circlebee: A book about Circle & bees, (2013, Bumblebee Circle Publishing) and Beekeeping Basics: A Handbook for New & Emerging Beekeepers (2016, Bumble Circle Publishing). She dedicates her time, energy & heart bringing people & bees together - and spreading (Circle and) honeybee education that educes empathy, love & wonder for the natural world - starting with the tinniest bee. To learn more about her & her work visit: