The Food-Mood Connection: Home Ec Educators can truly play a leading role in human health, particularly mental health, in the present and into the future

What is a microbiome? Why is nurturing it so important? Can mood and mental health be improved by simply eating healthier foods? What types of foods should we eat and what will they do for the body? What do brainwave patterns and parts of the mind have to do with the gut microbiome? How can we improve our immunity in this time of uncertainty?

These are just some of the questions that are answered in Lynne Potter Lord’s new book, The Food-Mood Connection: A Holistic Approach to Understanding the Gut-Brain-Microbiome Relationship.

In this talk we take a glimpse into understanding the gut-brain-microbiome relationship and how it helps reboot mental health, improve the immune system, and overcome obesity. Learn how to feed and care for the microbiome, understand the interconnection of the relationships found in the Human Ecological Model, and see how making changes in habits at the individual level can accumulate to the point where we can actually realize and achieve a global vision of health as well as improve the health of the planet.

Armed with this cutting edge knowledge and being part of the school system, puts Home Ec Educators in a unique position to truly change the face of healthcare in our country. Using new research with simple traditional foods and techniques, we can regain what our grandmothers and cultural traditions knew all along.

To Bring/Important Notes

I have posted a few diagrams from my book which may help you to frame my presentation. You might want to print them in advance to take notes, and/or download them to use later in your own teaching. If you have any ideas on how I can help you in your teaching, bring them to the Q+A after the talk. Typing them ahead of time ready to load into the questions can save time and make sure your question is answered. I look forward to meeting you.

Lynne Potter Lord


12:45 PM - 2:15 PM

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  • Lynne Potter Lord

    Lynne Potter Lord is known as the “Gut-Brain Hypnotist”, tying her nutrition and psychology knowledge into practical applications for personal growth and change. She holds three degrees (BHE, MSc of Human Ecology, and BEd) plus multiple certificates including Life Skills Coaching and Counselling.

    Lynne has a varied professional background in corporate, academic and creative areas, teaching in Middle and High Schools, the faculties of Land & Food and (Home Ec)  Education at UBC, the Arts Institute, her own art studio, and most recently her own hypnotherapy office. She is a teacher, hypnotherapist, author and speaker.

    Using modern hypnotherapy techniques and the latest scientific gut-brain-microbiome  nutritional research, Lynne provides a unique hypno-coaching. This holistic approach helps people raise awareness,  change habits and create new mindsets to reach their life goals, permanently, and quickly.