Yarn Pom Pom Animals

Pom pom making is fun and excitingly adorable. It is an alternative way to work with yarns when one may find crocheting and knitting too complicated for younger students. The process helps students develop coordination and dexterity while enabling them to design a variety of animals. Older students can plan and learn about 3D design and develop their spatial awareness. The project also enables students to learn about sustainability by recycling yarns from old knitted garments. Pom poms can also be used as hanging charms or to decorate hats or hair ties. 

You will be shown how to make the cardboard base to wrap the yarns. Patterns to make a bear, hedgehog, and fox will be provided. 

Target Audience



$ 5.00
Payable at registration.

Fee includes yarns of various colors, tapestry needle, beads for eyes and nose, charm strap, cardboard to make the pom poms.

To Bring/Important Notes

Sharp scissors (preferably fabric ones).  Optional: small pliers.


Friday 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM
Room C251

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  • Anqi Hyatt-Shaw

    Betty has always loved making things with her own hands whether it’s textiles, arts or crafts. Her favourite hobbies are crocheting and card making and she recently learned about planting terrariums and miniature gardens with various plant species.