(Fashion) Design & Sustainability

In this engaging workshop participants will be taken on a fashion design journey exploring the relation between humans and cloth from a contemporary and history context. We will explore design in fashion from a number of perspectives including touching on myths and misconceptions about fashion design, reflecting on alternative and innovative design concepts such as zero waste pattern drafting and subtraction cutting, and also posing questions about (fashion) design considerations.

Together we will investigate a range of topics, and all attendees will be receiving a package of resources to support further inquiry.


Friday 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

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  • Nike Hatzidimou

    Nike Hatzidimou has always been passionate about visual arts and storytelling. This interest led her to study documentary film-making in the UK obtaining a BA in "Screen Production" and an MA in "Documentary by Practice" from the University of London. In her practice as an award-winning documentary director, she always thrived to explore avenues of community participation. Whilst in London she produced media content for cutting edge cultural institutions as well as worked for over 5 years with unaccompanied refugees facilitating film-making skills.

    Once in Vancouver she worked for the film industry as an art director and set decorator but decided to follow her dream to study fashion. Her approach to fashion design is informed by her strong visual background and her interest in storytelling. Nike is passionate about exploring concepts of sustainability and furthering her skills in innovative pattern making. Through her new journey she rechanneled her love for tactile work and craftsmanship; always interested in skill transfer in a vibrant and positive environment.

  • Heather Clark

    Heather Clark is a passionate lifelong learner as from a young age her curiosity combined with her innate joy in figuring things out led to an appreciation for making, creating, and discovering purpose in craft. With a Bachelor of Design in Fashion and Technology, a Bachelor of Education, and a Master of Education in Home Economics, Heather has the tools, techniques, and applied experience to develop and deliver an engaging curriculum. She began her teaching career at the secondary level, fostering excitement in students in grades 8-12 about the possibilities in the clothing, textiles, and fashion classroom, and as a professional and viable career option.  She joined the KPU fashion faculty in the Fall of 2014, and in addition to teaching and administrative roles, continues to advocate for secondary home economics teachers by leading workshops and sharing resources.  She is well respected in the industry and she supports alumni in her current role as Chair of the program.

    She regularly engages in learning opportunities and workshops to further her own skill set, with topics ranging from embroidery and leather work as a way to also engage with the making community and be able to bring knowledge and connections back to her students and colleagues.