Pasta Making Workshop

Come cook along with Trevor Connie, MasterChef Canada Season 4 winner as he shows you how to make a yummy pasta dish from scratch.  Recipes and grocery list will be sent out a few days ahead of the conference so you can cook along if you wish.  

To Bring/Important Notes

If you wish to cook along with Trevor here is the grocery list:

Cavatelli Pasta Dough 


250ml     Divella semolina flour

75ml       Caputo “00” flour 

1 Tbsp   Kosher salt 

175ml    Water (warm)

Utensils needed: stand mixer w/ paddle and dough hook attachments or large mixing bowl, Measuring cups, access to warm water, plastic wrap.

These are my preferred brands of flour, any fine milled semolina flour or “00” wheat flour will work. you can also substitute the “00” flour for all semolina flour and have a similar product but not the other way around.


Parmesan Crema 

500ml heavy whipping cream 

500ml freshly grated parmesan 

1 Garlic clove 

1 whole lemon (washed) 

Fresh nutmeg TT

Fresh cracked black pepper TT 

Utencils needed: medium size saucepan, fine cheese grater or microplane, measuring cups


12:45 PM - 2:15 PM

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  • Trevor Connie

    Trevor was born and raised in Delta and moved to Edmonton in his early 20s to work as a plumber. Trevor has always been passionate about cooking and he decided to apply for MasterChef Canada Season 4. He successfully won MasterChef Canada and has continued his culinary career in Edmonton, Alberta. He has worked in various restaurants throughout Edmonton which included developing menus and assisting in opening some restaurants. During the pandemic he has been creating take home pasta kits for his customers to cook and enjoy at home. The pandemic also brought Trevor a unique opportunity to cook for the NHL players during hockey playoffs serving up his delicious pasta creations!  Instagram: trevorconnie