Workshop Proposal

Please submit your proposal before June 1st!

The 2018 THESA conference will be held once again in beautiful Prince George, BC.

The Conference Organizing Committee is inviting presenters to give workshops or seminars on the following topics:

* current issues and practices in Food Studies, Family Studies, Textile Studies, and Planning (e.g. Food Literacy, Buying Local, Textiles Technology, Obesity, Financial Literacy, Social Responsibility, Aboriginal Perspectives etc...)

* new teaching technologies (e.g. Apps, Mobile Devices, Social Media, etc...)

* new teaching approaches (e.g. Flipping, Assessment Strategies, Inquiry, Project-Based Learning, Creative Thinking)

* focuses for new/beginner Home Economics teachers; middle and secondary approaches to teaching.

Please consider offering a workshop twice. In the past, participants have been disappointed when they have to choose between two great workshops.

An honorarium will be given to you and any co-presenters for your preparation time and session: $100.00 total for a 1-hour session and $150.00 total for a 2-hour session. We do not cover other expenses such as travel and accommodation.

Shortly after October 1 you will be advised if there are enough participants to run your workshop. We require a minimum of 12 participants for a workshop, please let us know if your class minimum differs. THESA cannot assume any costs caused by cancellation.

Just a communication reminder to please check your spam folder for returning e-mails from THESA Conference 2018.

Conference Organizing Committee

Personal Information

We will use this information to contact you. Only your name, bio, photo and the workshop description will be visible on the website. There is room for a second instructor at the end of the form.


You can upload a photo in JPG, PNG or GIF format.

Workshop Information

Please provide a good description of the workshop content.

  • What are the most important things (learning outcomes) participants will learn as a result of attending this workshop?  
  • What is the format of the workshop (lecture, hands-on, demonstration, discussion etc.)?
  • Will printed material (hand-outs) be provided to attendees?



Required Materials

Please provide us with the information if the participants of this workshop need to bring material to the workshop.

You can upload a photo in JPG, PNG or GIF format. A photo of the finished product or any other photo related to the subject will attract more people.

Workshop Fee (that the participant has to pay for kits, etc.)

Please provide information about any additional fees that you charge for kits or to cover costs for provided materials. The attendees also appreciate some explanation what they get for their fees.

AV Requirements

Please indicate if you need any A/V equipment such as a projector, DVD player, VHS player, overhead projector or any other equipment for your workshop that we need to provide if possible. We apologize that we cannot provide laptop computers.

Please tell us what kind of room you need - does your workshop require special equipment such as a kitchen, a computer lab or a sewing room etc.?

Personal Information - Instructor 2

You can enter a second instructor. Just leave the fields empty if there is only one.